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Our Services
Survey on legal environments of investment destination
Survey on project due diligence (Mergers)
Assess legal risks of foreign investments
The structural design of investment programs
Drafting legal documents in Chinese and foreign language
Full participation in business negotiations
Provide legal advice on specific issues
Assist investors to handle domestic administrative procedures
Cooperate with foreign law firms
Provide special training on laws of investment destination
Provide solutions to legal conflicts in different jurisdictions
Settlement on foreign investment disputes
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Cui Haiyan(Kathy) Senior Partner Attorney

Shen Zhushi(Robin) Senior Partner Attorney



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Our Services
Survey on legal environments of investment destination
Survey on project due diligence (Mergers)
Assess legal risks of foreign investments
The structural design of investment programs
Drafting legal documents in Chinese and foreign language
Full participation in business negotiations
Provide legal advice on specific issues
Assist investors to handle domestic administrative procedure°≠
Cooperate with foreign law firms
Provide special training on laws of investment destination
Provide solutions to legal conflicts in different jurisdicti°≠
Settlement on foreign investment disputes
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